Green Lipped Mussels - The Natural Solution To Eliminating Your Joint Pain

Discover How These Amazing Shellfish Helped The Maori Warrior Tribe Of New Zealand Maintain Healthy Joints And How They Can Help Eliminate Your Joint Pain

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The Maori’s are the indigenous tribe of New Zealand. During the 19th century their way of life was harsh, they needed strength and mobility to survive. They lived off the land and sea in bitter cold conditions which put enormous physical strain on their body’s.

However, the Maori’s never suffered the aches, swollen joints, excruciating back pain and rheumatoid arthritis that has become prevalent in the West.

How were the Maori’s able to avoid these chronic and debilitating conditions – especially with the amount of wear and tear their bodies must have went through?

As an island people the Maori’s diet consisted mostly of seafood and in particular a shellfish known as – perna canaliculus –  the green lipped mussel.

Looking back the Maori’s of modern New Zealand believed that eating raw green lipped mussels enabled their ancestors to withstand the ravaging conditions of ageing that many of us in the West suffer today.

More Of Us Our Waking Up To Pain Every Day

backpainCompared to past generations we’re living longer than ever before. But as our body ages, we’re experiencing more  symptoms of wear and tear in the form of:

  • inflammation of the joints
  • stiff fingers
  • joint pain
  • back pain
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • osteoarthritis

Yet, these symptoms are not the reserve of the elderly. Poor diet and lack of exercise has contributed to the increased  rate of arthritis in younger people.

If any of the above symptoms are familiar to you, then you’re not alone.

The fact is, millions of people are waking up to the pain caused by these conditions everyday. The excruciating pain and lack of mobility are limiting peoples quality and joy of life.

Unfortunately, many of us try and live through the pain hoping that it will get better. But what really happens is that the continuous pain dulls overtime and living a pain-free life becomes a distant memory.

Drugs Are Only Masking The Problem

Of course big pharma are making huge profits selling chemical pain-killers and prescription steroids to help relieve pain. And many of these work and provide respite for many sufferers. best joint supplements

But all these pain-killers and steroids are doing is masking the symptoms – they do nothing to address the underlying cause.

Consequently, suppressing the symptoms could lead to a much bleaker future. The stiffness in your hands and knee joints could develop into more serious and debilitating conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoporosis.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are alternative natural drug free treatments that can help you live a pain free life again.

Just think about it. What would a life free of pain mean to you?

  • experiencing the joy of playing  with your kids or grandchildren again?
  • accomplishing your goals and dreams because pain is no longer stopping you?
  • having the simple pleasure of pain free walking and enjoying the sounds and smells of nature?

Isn’t It Time To Try A Natural Solution

The green lipped mussel is a highly nutritious food source that offers a broad range vitamins, minerals and natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Green lipped mussel benefits can include;

  • relieving arthritic symptoms of joint pain and inflammation
  • improve condition of joint cartilage and connective tissue
  • protect the digestive tract
  • boosts your immune system
  • stimulates the growth and repair of nerve cells for improved co-ordination
  • slows down the aging process

Its no wonder the Maori’s ate loads of it and by adding this ‘whole food’ source to your diet you will begin to reap many of the health benefits they acquired.

Marine Scientist’s Verdict On Green Lipped Mussel Extract

 What Makes Them So Special

fresh green lipped musselsIt turns out these special mussels contain high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, especially DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).

DHA and EPA are the metabolically active children of the alpha-linolenic acid, who is the mother of the Omega 3 family of essential fatty acids.

The Omega 3 fats DHA and EPA are essential for proper brain function, which effects your sight, learning ability, muscle co-ordination and your mood.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Have Effective Anti-inflammatory Properties.

However, the most valuable nutrient within the green lipped mussel are mucopolysaccharides. Also known as MPS , mucopolysaccharides are an essential group of complex carbohydrates created by the human body.

MPS has an important role in cell growth, metabolism and in particular, the production of cartilage and synovial fluids for our joints. You may already know that a common symptom of  arthritis is the breakdown of cartilage and a lack of synovial fluid in the joints.

Unfortunately, as we get older our body’s lose the capacity to produce MPS and many scientists believe a lack of MPS is a major contributing factor to the increased rate of ageing.

Taking green lipped mussels may help to naturally boost your MPS levels and slow down the rate of aging.

The truth is, the Maori people ate mussels in their pure, raw state because this is how they were able to extract the optimal amount of nutritional value from the shellfish.

Although certain people enjoy raw mussels the taste and texture is not to everyone’s taste. They do taste delicious cooked, but  high temperatures destroy most of its nutritional value.

The best alternative is finding the most effective green-lipped mussel supplements.

Mussel Oil vs Mussel Powder

green lipped mussel oilThere’s no doubt about it, the benefits of green lipped mussels are impressive and wide ranging, especially in terms of curing joint pain and arthritis.

Its for this reason many companies are now manufacturing their own green lipped mussel pills and products.

Green lipped mussel supplements are produced into powder or oil and how the mussel is extracted greatly influences the quality of the final product.

In order to preserve the nutrients and vitamins of the mussel the extraction process must be done quickly and efficiently.

If you want to experience the full health benefits of this amazing food source choose green lipped mussel powder not the oil.

Although oil can offer relief for joint pain it lacks the all round nutritional benefits that green lipped mussel powder can offer you.

You see, powder is made directly from the raw mussel, whereas oil is made from the powder. Therefore, oil only represents 8 to 10% of the raw mussels nutritional benefits.

Because mussel oil is less concentrated you have to take it in greater quantities in order to obtain the same nutritional benefits that you’d get from taking mussel powder.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the capsule contains 100% green lipped mussel oil as its common practice for manufacturers to blend it with grapeseed, sunflower, olive or fish oil.

Consequently,when certain oils are mixed together they can have a pro-inflammatory effect on the body.

How Green Lipped Mussel Extract Is Processed Is Vital To Its Quality

As you can see – powder is a far superior product than oil – but not all mussel powder supplements are created equal.

Its important before choosing a supplement to understand the manufacturing process used by the company who is selling them.

Choosing the wrong supplement could mean taking an inferior product that provides zero benefits, because the mussels nutrients can be easily destroyed during the manufacturing process.

How the green lipped mussel is extracted is vital and there are a number of ways this can be done.

Let me explain, the manufacturing process to extract and then turn the mussel into a highly concentrated powder is critical to preserving the shellfish diverse range of nutrients.

To achieve this, the conversion from mussel meat to powder must be completed within a few hours and under low temperatures. fire

Once the live mussel is extracted its anti-inflammatory lipids begin to deteriorate. To prevent this from happening, many manufacturers cook the mussel, however high temperatures destroy many of the health benefits – especially the mucopolysaccharides we mentioned earlier.

Another option is to preserve the raw mussel with a chemical stabilizers such as oxalic or tartaric acid. This may preserve the lipid extract, however the use of stabilizers hardly makes it a pure and natural product.

To produce a nutritional supplement with the purest most potent green-lipped mussel powder the raw mussels must remain fresh for as long as possible before converting them into powder.

This requires three critical steps:

  • mussels must be harvested alive before processing begins
  • low temperature drying technique to preserve the nutrients
  • processing time should take no longer than a few hours

Xtend Life’s Superior Extraction Techniques

We’ve found only one company in the world that do this and they are  Xtend Life, a natural health supplement company based in New Zealand – which happens to be the home of the green lipped mussel.

Their low temperature processing technique turns freshly harvested prime New Zealand green lipped mussel into New Zealandpowder within 30 minutes! – Contrast that with other manufacturers who take 7 days to process their powder.

They also source their mussels locally from specially selected mussel farms located in the pristine waters around the northern Islands of New Zealand. These waters are the cleanest and purest on the planet.

This means difference in the quality and potency of Xtend Life’s product is simply amazing.

Unlike other companies, Xtend Life are refreshingly open about how they manufacture their green lipped mussel powder. They’ve even produced their own buyers guide that goes into a great deal about the science behind their processing techniques – I urge you to check it out as you’ll learn lots – click here to find out more.

The health benefits, particularly in relation to joint inflammation and arthritis have been known for decades, the only problem was making them accessible to everyone and in a product that provided the same nutritional potency that was enjoyed by the Maori’s.

Thankfully, Xtend Life have now made this a reality.

If you’re already experiencing stiffness and pain in your joints, Xtend Life’s Green Lipped Mussel could be the natural, safe and pain relief you’ve being looking for.

Alternatively, when you take Xtend Life’s Green Lipped Mussel powder you’re taking a critical step in helping to maintain the pain free flexibility in your joints.

Try It – Its Completely Risk Free

Now, you may have used joint pain relief supplements before and been disappointed with the results and I completely understand if you’re hesitant about trying another one. guarantee

However, let me reassure you. Xtend Life are so confident their green lipped mussel powder can help you that they’re offering a 6 month unconditional guarantee of complete satisfaction.

Test run it for 6 months, if you don’t see any improvements in your joint mobility, get a full refund, no questions and no quibbles.


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